All Striped Up

Pretty excited to write this little post, I think mainly because it’s my first proper pregnancy fashion post! I’m currently 26 weeks pregnant and won’t lie, struggled with dressing the rapid growing bump until now. I think my main hurdle was to realise I couldn’t style for the waist anyone. My style has always been structured, so belts, serious tailoring and cinched waists and now it’s about layering over form fitting looks or going for a more bohemian slouched style.

I think it’s about experimenting and embracing your new curves. We all love to dress up, so think of it as a change to play dress ups and find new looks to suit your new bod. Personally, what better way to show off your growing bump than with a figure hugging bodycon striped maternity dress?  A stripe maternity dress will not only make you feel great, be comfortable but will see you through so many occasions. It really is one of the most stylish and versatile maternity dresses you will wear. Believe me I speak from experience! I’ve been living in these kind of dresses, either just rocking by themselves with sneakers or ankle boots, or styling it with trench coats is a absolute cover-up hero! Go for unstructured macs in soft-touch cottons and cool colours, draped fronts and utility details to suit any occasion.

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