My drink saviour during Pregnancy

This blog post is for my fellow pregnant readers and mums breastfeeding! We have to stick together ladies and that’s why I want to share with you a product that has helped me over the past month.

Persistent thirstiness, light headaches, dry skin, dry lips. Ahhh the pregnancy journey. There are so many little twists and turns during this nine-month adventure. You learn so much about your body. What it’s capable of and ways to assist it along the way. One thing I’ve noticed during my pregnancy is I have been suffering dehydration! I thought I was consuming my normal daily amount, but became aware quickly after suffering the above dry skin and headaches that hydration while pregnant and breastfeeding needs to change, you need more fluid than the average person. However if you’re like me and struggle to drink copious amounts of water and sometimes need a little flavour, it’s not easy.

HOWEVER.. I think I found the answer. After doing much research I came across “aquamamma®” healthy pregnancy hydration with added vitamins and electrolytes. It was developed by Sydney obstetrician Dr Rob Buist to help meet the hydration needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The importance of hydration in pregnancy and birth has long been recognised, but many beverages may contain either too much sugar, an inappropriate amount of sodium or ingredients that may not be appropriate in pregnancy. As such, Dr. Buist created aquamamma®!

So why am I so in love with this drink? Well it has added folic acid, low sugar and low sodium, its healthy hydration that also happens to taste great! It has 70% less sugar vs. typical fruit juices, almost 50% less kilojoules than typical coconut water and almost 50% less sodium than typical sports drinks.

I’m seriously so happy I came across this product and to prove how great it is, I’ve teamed up with aquamamma® to get you hooked too. For the next two weeks (starting from Wednesday 26th April) use this special discount code AM20%NP at the cart to receive 20% off and free shipping on the aquamamma® site or simply click on the bottles below for direct link. There are three flavours available; Orange, Lemon and my favourite Mixed Berry.

Discount code valid in AU until 10 May 2017, not to be used with any other offers and excludes samples

Aquamamma now available in GoodPrice Pharmacy