Clinelle Launch

Skincare; something that is so personal and frequent, but what are we really putting into our bodies? Your skin is the largest living organ, absorbing almost everything placed on it so simple and natural is best.  I’m the first to admit, I’ve never been one to read labels in the past, but since my pregnancy journey I’ve became very aware of all the nasty’s that are so common. The timing for teaming up with skincare brand “Clinelle” couldn’t have come at a better time. I was at a cross roads with my skin as it was radially changing thanks to ranging hormones. After trying all 7 Clinelle products for about 3 weeks, I was so impressed with the results. My skin was rejuvenated, hydrated and most importantly the products excluded harmful ingredients that could lead to skin irritation, pre-mature aging and skin deterioration, therefore protecting our skin immunity. The Hydra-calm range is fast yet effective and protects all layers of our skin.

Yesterday ( Wednesday 29th March) we had our launch to officially welcome me to the team as Brand Ambassador and showcase the Clinelle range to beauty bloggers, celebrities, magazine editors and the media. The launch was held at Sydney’s iconic Chiswick, where guests enjoyed breakfast surrounded by incredible bouquets of flowers from My Voilet. The Clinelle range sat loud and proud among the guests, the packaging (bold and blue) being a popular topic of conversation. The product range sits at 7 items, Each offering something different and powerful in their own right.

Guests included; Roderick Chieng, Daniel Raguz, Tanya Doyle, Liz Webster, Uri Ferster, Bonnie Gillies, Micheal Brown, Aisha Jade, Renee Ayris, Caroline Groth and Bahar Etminan just to name a few.

Clinelle skincare is dedicated to developing products based on the needs of their customers skin. Made with the finest clinically-tested ingredients that promise optimal and radiant skin health, all Clinelle products are formulated with natural Hyaluronic acid which keeps skin hydrated for up to 72 hours. Clinelle skincare will introduce their Hydra calm range exclusively into Priceline stores this April.

Pure Swiss Hydracalm range consists of:

HydraCalm Caring milk cleanser: For all skin types, this product is a non oily pre-cleanse that removes impurities while maintaining skin moisture. Calms sensitized skin caused by environmental aggression. 

HydraCalm Cleansing gel: Deeply cleanses & reduces excess sebum. Provides mild exfoliation for better moisture absorption and calms sensitized skin caused by environmental aggression

HydraCalm lotion: Nourishes, refines and plumps skin while refining pores. Improves the absorption of subsequent skincare products. Lightweight and smoothing on the skin

 HydraCalm serum: Provides an instant boost of skin hydration. The lightweight and non-sticky texture restores the skins barrier and reduces moisture loss. Soothing and non-irritable.

 HydraCalm cream: Provides intense hydration, reduces oil secretion and the appearance of fine lines. Restores moisture for long lasting hydration.

 HydraCalm sleeping mask: Provides optimum hydration and leaves skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed the next day after use.

HydraCalm purifying blemish clear: Visibly fades away blemish spots and refines skin by promoting natural skin repairing system.

I can’t wait to share the campaign images with you all and I promise to do a youtube video on my fave products and how I use them next week, so stay tuned.

In the mean time a huge thank you to Clinelle, Portobello PR, Priceline, Chiswick, My Violet and Luke Latty for putting on the most perfect launch. I am so excited for the months to come working with this brand and can’t wait to share the journey with you.