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H.ear | Sony

I really am a tech nerd and love when shiny new products come out that I get to play with. Sony’s new range of High-Resolution audio products are super stylish and uber cool. They certainly came in handy this Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. My schedule at the moment is bananas. Not only was I reporting for Yahoo and Polyvore this MBFWA, but in my down time (which was lacking ) I was learning scripts, editing video’s and content for the blog and pulling looks for an up and coming blog trip.

Anyway back to the headphones! h.ear on Wireless Noise-Cancelling (NC) headphones (over-ear headphones) I chose Cinnabar Red, but let me assure you they come in some seriously cool colours.

They combine High-Resolution Audio capability with a bold, stylish design you can forget distractions with digital noise-cancelling (NC) so perfect for the plane, train, bus or as I used them Fashion Week.

They comfortably Fit into my handbag with a very clever folding design. You think that’s the only thing I like about them….. They are Bluetooth and NFC One-touch which let you listen to music wirelessly, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up with the headphone cable. Thank goodness. Nonetheless these were a great way to escape the craziness of Fashion week and sneak in a 20min script session.



If you were impressed by the the h.ear on, well let me introduce you too h.ear in Wireless headphones

(in-ear headphones) I’m rocking the Charcoal Black.

Super lightweight, in-ear Bluetooth headphones with a comfortable wearing style – designed to be worn discreetly behind the neck. Again the Bluetooth and NFC One-touch let’s you listen to music or take calls wirelessly, free from the restraints of a headphone cable. Eager to test these out, I would listen to my playlist to source good songs to work well with our fashion week videos. We were generally onsite from 8am every day, so we had to edit on the go. I found these amazing as, always needing to be contactable, I was able to listen to songs and still take calls, or more like not miss phone calls, in order to schedule our backstage interviews. Goodbye cords… hello Sony wireless. Looking forward to taking these on my work trip to Bali next week. These are going to make flying easy.



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