I know many mothers can relate; when your baby/child is unwell, teething or showing signs of discomfort we cant help but have mild panic attacks, reach for the thermometer and run around the house like headless chickens to find anything to ease their discomfort and turn those frowns into smiles. Even though I’ve always had Jett’s best interest at heart, I do sometimes have to pull myself aside and tell myself to stop over reacting! Let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than shoving the thermometer on the forehead of a sleeping child and waking them up! Or feeling like it’s an inaccurate reading due to their wriggling around. So with all that said I was on the hunt to find something to better prepare me for those uneasy times.

I’ve always been a Nurofen girl myself, it’s what I’ve always taken for my migraines and prior to pregnancy my period pains (Oh what a joys it’s been not to have those for the past year). I read a release in early October about the launch of this new innovative FeverSmart temperature monitor that Nurofen were bringing out. Eager to try, I got my hands on it and have been trialling it for the past few weeks. Even tested it on myself. Thank goodness Jett hasn’t been sick, so this is me going off him teething, which I’ve found the FeverSmart to be helpful for.

Taking a temperature on a sick or teething child is stressful, Jett is currently teething and I want to stay on top of his temperature, but find myself minimising how regularly I do it, to avoid disrupting him. I also can never remember the correct timing of giving him pain relief, as I’m always too flustered to remember and always forget to write it down. One of the things that drew me to this product was that it is designed to offer parents assistance in stressful moments. The medical device transmits a child’s temperature continuously to a free app that automatically notifies ( Make sure push notifications are enabled ) them when the baby/child’s temp is in the high range.

This product is suitable for age groups 0-3 and is a discreet non-invasive device. It just attaches under their underarm and features a medical grade silicone so it’s gentle on their skin. The battery life in the thermometer is 20 days and the device comes with a battery operated charging base station. I do love these savvy little devices. So how do you use it?

All you do is download the free app, follow instructions to set it up and place FeverSmart under baby / child underarm. Yup, that’s it. I know, lifesaver. Now some say that babies don’t generally get fevers during teething, however teething can cause diarrhea and a mild diaper rash because your child’s excessive saliva ends up in his gut and loosens his stools. Inflammation in the gums, may cause a low fever. As a new mum and one that likes to stay on top of things, I know that I will get so much use out of this and have been loving getting used to it, during these mild teething times and when / if Jett does get sick, I know I can trust this to help me through temp readings and medication tracking. All data is stored over time, so I can show my GP or Pediatrician if symptoms get worse. Don’t forget to always use as directed. For more info on usage and Nurofen Australia’s disclaimers please refer to their website. Click Here.

So is this product going to break the bank? No, it’s an affordable product that in my eyes (after having some time to test it) is extremely well priced at $139.99. The FeverSmart temperature monitor box includes

FeverSmart Temperature Monitor by Nurofen for children

MonitorFour adhesive patches

Charging base station

Three AAA batteries

Iff you run out of patches, they are available to buy separately in a pack of 4 ($9.99 ).  So where can you purchase? FeverSmart Temperature Monitor by Nurofen for children is available from Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and most pharmacies.

“Feversmart does not replace continuous parental vigilance. When in doubt, always see your healthcare professional. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If you are concerned about your child’s fever see your doctor.

This article is a paid post by Nurofen Australia with product supplied by Nurofen Australia. All non-Nurofen information are the opinion of author.