Inside Jett’s Nursery

I know I promised this post awhile ago and I do apologise for only getting around to it now. However, I’ve been settling into new mum life, which consists of feeling like there aren’t enough hours in a day to get everything done and if I do have a spare moment it’s normally allocated to a shower or taking a few minutes to sit in the sun with a tea and just breathe! I will be the first to admit it’s hard caring for a newborn, but all the sleepless nights, exhaustion, tears, vomit, poos are all worth it when they smile or stare at you with just unconditional love.

Also to be honest another reason why this post took so long is that Jett took it on himself to do some “fire bum” painting on the curtains. Yes, during a nappy change our talented artistic son decided he would like to add an abstract appeal to his room. It took me about 5 days to remove the stain, but we got there. 

So…. welcome to our nursery also known as Jett Man’s room. It’s a small room in our house located on the top floor next to the master, it used to be my office, but now serves a much better purpose! For me I wanted it to be a fun space and one that was functional. You won’t see a magazine inspired and styled nursery here, just one that suits our little boy.

I’ve added links to products, toys and brands within his room. It’s a mixture of products that were gifted to us by friends, clients and stuff we bought. Needless to say all items linked are things were use everyday and swear by, therefore HIGHLY recommend. So scroll through and click on images or tags. 

Slumber Buddies Elephant 

This little elephant is Jett’s nighttime buddy. We place it at the top of his cot at bedtime and it is the perfect companion. Sure it’s a cute elephant but with a push of a button a calming starry sky display in 3 colours lights up the ceiling and a peaceful selection of sounds help relax and soothes baby to sleep. The lullabies are cute, however our favourite sound is the heartbeat. It creates such a tranquil environment that put Jett straight to sleep. Direct link below.

Ghost Night Light

I hunted everywhere for a cute nightlight. I wanted something that looked sweet and also gave good light! Enter the cutest ghost night light you have ever seen!!!child safe and made from BPA- and lead-free PVC and emit a soft glow when turned on. You can choose to put the light on, or use the off or on timer. There is an added feature of when you switch the timer on, the light turns off automatically after 15 minutes, saving you battery power and is better for the environment. We also got the cloud nightlight which changes colour automatically, gradually transitioning in a variety of colours.


Luxe Padded Play Mat

We searched high and low for a rug suitable for his nursery! however when it came to practicality we loved the idea of a large play mat! Makes the floor more comfit able to play on, lye on and suitable for tummy time. It’s also super stylish and large to all in all is the great alternate for a rug. Direct link below.

Pom Pom Storage Baskets

These are a great way to hide clutter. Jett at only 9 weeks old already has an abidance of books and toys so that is what we elocated our baskets for. However you can use as laundry baskets, nappy baskets or even to store children’s linen. They make a fun and stylish addition to anywhere in the house! Direct link below.


Personalised Knit Blanket

I love this! Think it’s such a cute idea for the Cot or Pram. Ton be honest I’m a sucker for anything personalised really! These are Australian made and come in either 100% Cotton or 100% Merino plus an abundance of colours.