Jesinta Jesinta…..

She’s your quintessential Aussie beach girl, winning her many admirers when she was crowned Miss Universe Australia in June 2010. From there it’s no surprise Jestina’s star rose! From television appearances as a weather presenter on Weekend Today, Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the stars, reporting for Channel Nine’s Mornings and Getaway. This Gold Cast born beauty is a true success storyAlthough Jesinta’s public profile has continued to soar with her signing some very lucrative ambassador deals (ASICS Woman’s Apparel, Crown Casino, Jeep, Wonderbra, David Jones, 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty and QANTAS ) she remains humble and grounded. The sky remains the limit, as she is passionate in creating an amazing future for not only herself but others.  Styled by Phillips, sits down with Jesinta……


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What’s your nickname? J.C, Jes, Jackie


What is your life motto? “Dream big, Work hard, Be kind, Don’t complain!”


Three Weaknesses? Chocolate, A sale (I’m every shop assistants dream) and my fiancé (insert blushing emoji)


Would you rather be a Kardashian or an Olsen twin? An Olsen twin! I’ve always wanted to be a twin.. Oh the fun you could have!


What’s your favourite form of fitness? BOXING!!!!!


Best workout song? Any RN’B. I can’t workout without music, I use it to motivate me.


The best holiday destination you have been too? I get to travel to so much with Getaway, it’s hard to choose. I love India, Fiji , France, New Zealand and NYC. They are my top 5 so far.


Beach House or Country Estate? I wouldn’t complain complain with either! I do love a beach getaway though….


Describe your ideal weekend? A weekend at home…. a movie on the couch, home cooked dinner and a glass of wine. Followed by a day at the beach with my man and our pup Axel.


Favourite Australian designers? There are so many!!!!! Zimmerman, Josh Goot, Ellery, Christopher Esber, Camilla and Marc and Dion Lee. Dion makes up most of my wardrobe.


Best Valentines gift you ever received? It wasn’t a gift as such, but one time my fiancé surprised me with an airport pick up. I’d had a really big day and seeing him at the airport was the best ever.


How did you get started in your career? Miss Universe Australia is what started it all for me. I will always be grateful for the experience.


Greatest achievement? When I was 21 I purchased my first property, at the time that felt like the greatest achievement. Now though, my greatest achievement is more personal and internal.


How would you describe your style? On the weekends I’m in my trackies and tee shirts and for work I love dressing up. So I don’t really know how to describe my style .. I don’t like to pigeon hole myself.


What do you love most about fashion? Fashion has always been fun for me. I love how an amazing outfit can make you feel. Some days I might not be feeling the best but as soon as I put on something great I instantly feel better.


A must have for the season? A pant suit!!!!


Tell us something about yourself, people don’t know? I am such a dag! Away from the cameras and red carpets I don’t take myself  too seriously.


What are you working on at the moment? I have just started my cert III and IV in fitness. Heath and fitness has always been a passion of mine. Once completed, I’ll be a qualified trainer.


Draw a picture of yourself?

jesinta interview drawing