My Maternity Style

One thing I worried about during pregnancy was how to dress for the rapid growing bump?  Your body changes so quickly and this sometimes effects your style, as those classic basic “go to’s” become slightly more challenging to wear. Rather then fear your wardrobe, embrace it! At the beginning of my pregnancy, as that first slight bump appears (even though you think it’s large) wearing your normal jeans and clothes is fine. But as days turned into weeks and weeks into months, that baby bump becomes a struggle. Insert your boobs spilling over the cups of your favourite bra’s, the bump peeking out from the gaps in my button-down shirt and jeans become too tight that the button drifts further away from the hole. To put it bluntly you’re suddenly faced with a once beloved closet turning your mornings into dressing terror! But don’t fear, it’s just time for a little shopping, maternity style.

I scrolled instagram, blogs, and magazines for inspiration on how to adapt and dress for this ever-changing new body of mine. But at the end of the day you’re always going to add your own flair to things. One question I have been asked a lot during pregnancy is; how has my style changed? I feel like your style doesn’t have to make an abrupt change, you just learn to mix it up and accommodate by wearing larger styles, finding good maternity jeans or accessorising in a different ways. I never really realised that I always used to style with an emphasis on the waist, well that surely became apparent when my waistline slowly faded!

I guess the reason behind this post is to help inspire some everyday looks, for those seeking some help with their new body and ever growing bump. I’ve compiled some of my looks during my pregnancy and at different stages, allowing you to shop the same or similar looks. Below is also a list of stores that I loved and found had great pieces that were both non maternity and maternity. As let’s face it sometimes maternity looks can be a bit gross, but it doesn’t have to be! It’s about looking around and sourcing though great brands or adapting to more stretcher fabrics and billowing cuts.

These are the stores / brands I found to be really amazing whilst pregnant. Click to go directly to site and happy shopping. x


Legoe Heritage


The Iconic 



Matches Fashion

Isabella Oliver

Ripe Maternity