Our Piece Of Paradise, The Ungasan

Escaping the cold weather is something on all of our minds around this time of year! For me, It’s a chance to not only escape the weather but head to a warmer climate to celebrate a day that will always hold top ranking as the best day of my life.

Two years ago my husband and I got married in Bali, a place that held special memories for us. The location we chose for our wedding was at random. We had researched so many wedding venues, resorts and private villas yet we would always return to the same website. For some reason this place captivated us and was everything we were looking for and more. However needless to say as an already nerve wrecked bride, picking a location purely off images isn’t ideal, but due to work schedules it was our only option.

Back then the place we fell in love with was called Semara Uluwatu. As of the 1st of June Semara Uluwatu, which was previously the management group name is no longer representing the resort. Hence the new name change “The Ungasan” which was chosen due to the area in which the resort resides in. A name chosen to respect the many staff that call the local area home.

Anyway back to my love story…. 10 days out from our wedding was the first time we set eyes on the resort / wedding venue and the images,  even as beautiful as they were it didn’t do the place justice.  It’s was truly magical, breathtaking and architecturally spectacular. We scored the jackpot on wedding locations. I won’t go too much into the wedding as you can read all about it in my post “My Perfect Day”  But we chose Villa Pawana for the ceremony as we wanted the views of the breathtaking  cliff top as our backdrop and the georgeous walkway filled with hanging greenery and pink flowers acted as the perfect aisle. Villa Ambar was chosen for our reception, due to the lawn being able to cater the table layout we wanted. Alas every villa is incredible but every bride has her ideas and personal touches.

As our wedding night drew to an end, my husband and made a promise that every year for as long as we could, we would return to The Ungasan for our wedding anniversary and share it with close friends. For the past two years that is exactly what we have done. Each time staying in a different villa to experience something new and make more memories. Now I say villa lightly, The Ungasan as you know is a luxury resort. Each Villa privately owned, however each villa consists of 5 bedrooms within. Now each bedroom is it’s own villa within the villa! I know right… but thats not all. The Ungasan’s seven architecturally designed villas offer exclusively private accommodation with a dedicated personal butler service. Each with infinity pools and lush garden surrounding.  As much as I could write in detail about everything…. I’m going to stick to the main reason for the post.

Last year we celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Villa Santi Sorga, this year we chose Villa ChintamaniVilla Chintamani is a superb Balinese-styled villa with individual buildings on multiple levels. All bedrooms enjoy a private plunge pool with garden surrounds, decking and outdoor seating. Offering spectacular views the spacious master bedroom with clifftop plunge pool and spacious deck is truly romantic. We took a group of close friends and enjoyed the ultimate wedding anniversary yet again.  My favourite place to SUP, snorkel, drink the best Mojito’s known to man and  toast marshmallow’s by the bonfire also has a new name. Previously known as Finn’s beach club it’s now called Sunday’s Beach Club. The name chosen due to the fact that every day feels like and should be a Sunday when you are down there.

From the staff, to the grounds this place really is heaven on earth. Enjoy my images and my video hopefully making you feel like your there on my holiday.

The Ungasan






Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.35.15 am



The view from the master villa in Chintamani. If you ask me this is the best way to wake up!



Sunday’s Beach Club





A huge thanks to The Ungasan for another incredible stay and to my husband for putting up with me for another year! lol.

Photographer : Jack Steel

Drone Footage : Robbie Fidler