Pure papaya Care Got Me Covered

When I was pregnant with Jett, I became very aware of products I used and placed on my skin. Prior to that, I had a very naive attitude to skin care and the products I used day to day. I would never care to read labels and ingredients, but that soon changed.
Your skin is the largest organ of the body! The skin protects us from microbes and the elements, helps regulate body temperature, and permits the sensations of touch, heat, and cold. We have to look after it and in turn be aware of what products when place on it, and what it absorbs! With that said having a newborn this for me becomes even more of a priority! I’m now so aware of products I personally use and even more on what goes on his skin, thus turning to 100% natural ingredients. Rather then filling the house with products for me, products for the hubby and products for Jett, I was all about incorporating products beneficial for all. From day to day and into pregnancy and then onto post natal, I loved Pure Papaya products. Pure Papaya ointment was one of my “go to” products constantly in my hand bag and car for my dry lips in winter and on the cheeks for a natural day highlighter!  When Jett arrived I found this product so useful for his nappy rash and lets be honest it was my saviour for calming my nips due to breast feeding! Ahhhhh nothing beats the natural benefits of trusty paw paw.  You also may remember the me raving about the Pure Vapour Balm recently when Jett had his first little cold, I used this on his chest and feet which relieved his stuffiness and allowed him to breathe easy with its natural and warming blend of traditional Australian essential oils and herbs including organic papaya.

Insert squeals…. they have just released a new product so straight away I was eager to try and as always Pure Papaya delivers.  Welcome to the family Papaya Renew, your timing couldn’t be better! I was in search for something to help with my skin after giving birth. Due to multiple complications, I had a c section and was using various oils, lotions to help with the scar and my dry skin however since using  Papaya renew, it’s improved the appearance of the scar and my skin in general is much more hydrated. I was so fortunate during pregnant and post pregnancy and didn’t receive any stretch marks, however I think that fact that I have used products like this regularly is 100% a big reasoning for the prevention. This new product is formulated by naturopaths and is full of 100% natural ingredients and contains no mineral oil. All in all, I’m all for this brand! It smells like a tropical holiday, works like a gem and keep me and my little man happy! Happy Bum, Happy mum.
I highly recommend you give it a go, as a new mum I’m all about finding things that work! Finding time to do anything these days is hard, let alone trail with error many products. So to all my readers, this I have tried, tested and approve.