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Samsung GALAXY S6 launch

Last week I spent the day at the Telstra Discovery Store, George Street in Sydney for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

My day consisted of interviewing some of Australia’s top fashion bloggers and stylists, finding out what style meant to them and to show how important a stylish phone is on a fast network like Telstra 4GX.

Let’s face it nowadays we can’t live with out our phones! For those running their own business, it’s important to stay connected on the go, being able to respond to emails immediately and sometimes keeping up with those immediate deadlines.

So What did you think of the Samsung GALAXY S6? I was super impressed with it’s clear screen, showing all apps in a new light. It’s 16MP camera is great to shoot photos for the blog and they occasional selfie! It’s stylish, elegant and least we forget a smartphone, which is the ultimate perfect clutch bag accessory. I like to call it “my business partner” as I can and do run my business from it, it never leaves my side.

So what is style? To me style is about taking a trend and making it your own. Style is not just fashion it’s everything and everywhere, but personal style is about you!

Let’s see what others have to say about style and their Samsung Galaxy S6.