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Seeing Coloured Stripes


Stripes and leather are a powerful combo and a staple for many for those cooler months. However why do we always stare towards the ever favourable monochrome striped tops and pair with jeans and leather jacket Or leather skirt? I think it’s time to venture past black and white as there is a colourful palette of stripes waiting for attention people!

But don’t fret, if you’re not keen on hyper colour or are concerned about stripes due to it’s illusion of casting a wider angle on our bodies. I think I may have a found a good neural colour combo that features flattering stripes.
I recently came across this dress while late night shopping on the internet (An expensive winter pass time, while I’m rugged up on the couch with a glass of red wine ). This dress is by MinkPink, so really affordable and completely multifunctional and trans seasonal. Which we like!
I just loved the colour combo and the mixture of different sized stripes. It’s slight split angles the bottom of the dress and  nicely flatters the hip, so does the sequence of the stripes. Pop on that favourite leather jacket to get your staple look,  now it has that cool colourful twist. As those warmer months fast approach ( thank goodness for that) you can look at rocking your stripe knit dress on it’s own. I’m pretty happy with my little online purchase and am really enjoying finding fun edgy ways to style it.



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