Swimsuit Guide


You know it’s winter when you sleep in your favouite tracky pants and layer every piece in your wardrobe for that morning coffee run! Yup Hello winter, your well and truly upon us! So why am I writing a post on my favourite swimwear?

No I haven’t gone mad! I like to think of shopping for swimwear in winter as motivation or inspiration for those warmer months, which are creeping up (they could creep faster if you ask me). I do find winter shopping for bikinis and one-piece’s to be a good time. Why? Well you can buy those wish list pieces for half price and search for those new styles and start saving.

I feel there are some terrific options available at the moment, but sometimes when it comes to swimsuits they can leave woman with anxiety due to not knowing the right style for your shape. Well it’s time to embrace what you got ladies and here are some tips for your body shape.


Small Bust

Consider yourselves lucky! You can pretty much wear any style, regardless of how supportive. To emphasize what you’ve got “lift and separate.” Stick to suits that have a bit of padding or boning to add contours, or try busy patterns or ruffles for a little enhancement without any added material.

Straight Figure

Those straight up and downers, don’t need not worry about balancing proportions, and can wear nearly anything they want. But if it’s curves you’re after, consider adding dimensional details like cut-outs, bold prints, or stripes to create the illusion of a more hourglass shape.


DSC04363-2 2

Full Hips and Thighs

It’s all about balance! Balance out a bottom-heavy figure with bold patterns or colors on top that draw the eye upward. Watch out for cuts like boy shorts that hit straight across the thigh, this cuts you off making them appear wider. Opt for higher-cut leg-lines instead.

Large Bust

If you’re on the, what I like to call “better-endowed” side when its comes to bust, look for suits that offer plenty of support, just the way a bra would. Wide, adjustable straps, underwire boning, and even cup-size-specific fits will all help lift your bust, helping you look and feel your best.


Warning – small boobs pictured above 🙂