Both very successful females in their own right, News reporter Samantha Brett, together with Global Influencer Steph Adams have joined forces to create the must-have read for all woman.

“The Game Changers” is a book filled with first-hand exclusive essays from inspirational and empowering woman around the globe. Top “Girl Bosses” sharing their secrets to overcoming fears and challenges, and inspiring you to keep motivated and pressing forward towards tackling and achieving your goals, no matter how tough things become. From our local favourites here in Australia to Meghan Markle, Elle MacPherson and Gwyneth Paltrow ( just to name a few)!

Samantha Brett and Steph Adams, have spent more than two decades between them, interviewing and profiling some of the most inspiring and successful women around the world. The authors quickly realised that these women had some pertinent qualities in common: they are fearless in their pursuits; unafraid to go after what they want, and do not let the fear of failure deter them. They know that every set-back is just a stepping stone in their path towards their success and that there is no such thing as an overnight sensation.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing these two ladies for a few years now, both top of the game in their own right and two strong figures to admire.  I couldn’t wait to sit down with both of them to congratulate them on the major success on “The Game Changers”, but to also find out more about the process behind the book and if they were going to put us out of our misery with a sequel.

Tell me about the story behind how you and Steph met…

SAM: We first met at a television presenting course more than a decade ago – when we were very young! I gravitated to Steph right away – she had an incredible voice and as a model, was a complete natural in front of the camera. We realised we both lived near to one another, had similar interests and became fast friends.

STEPH:  I had started working as a graphic designer at Vogue (It was my first job in Publishing), and Sam came to me a few years after we met, because she needed a 30 page brochure designed in literally one night. I think from then on, we knew we were destined to create something special as we worked well together.

How did the concept come about for “The Game Changers”?

STEPH: The Game Changers evolved over a few months as Sam and I would often walk together early in the mornings discussing ideas for branding, publishing, books, the types of women we both looked up to, and our dream of creating a coffee table book that every woman would want to showcase in her home.

SAM: We had similar experiences in the media – me dealing with women directly interviewing them for the magazines I had written for including Vogue, New Woman, Sydney Morning Herald, Sun Telegraph and then as a news reporter at Channel Seven, and Steph working behind the scenes at magazines in Australia and the U.K. We knew we wanted to put everything we’d learnt over the past decade into a book and our idea continued to evolve throughout the year until we finally settled on The Game Changers profiling 40 successful women around the world at the top of their game. The first woman to say yes to the book was Arianna Huffington, and from there we were able to include many high profiled women around the globe. Plus, an important part of the book is giving back to a cause close to our hearts, Pink Hope.

Had either of you had any writing experience previously or ambitions to one day create a published / top selling book?

STEPH: Sam is an Author of 6 best selling books. I had recently published Good to Glow with a friend so I had only experience with one book as an Author – but coming from a publishing background and working with Harpers Bazaar to publish a coffee table book for them as well as other clients, I was confident that we could pull anything together. We were like the Ying and the Yang. We both had the strengths to be able to do it on our own. Publishing a book ourselves was hard but we were both so passionate about it that we made it happen.

SAM: From as early as I can remember as a little girl, I had been writing little books (not very eligible ones!) on my kitchen bench at home. When I finished school, I pitched a book to every publisher I could find, only to get rejected around 30 times! The 31st publisher I sent a proposal to also rejected my idea, but commissioned me to write a book about technology and dating. Text messaging had just been invented back then, (crazy to think!!) so it was the start of something new and the book received a lot of press and national attention. That book enabled me to get a column in the Sydney Morning Herald about dating, which went on to be Australia’s #1 news column for six years, and that lead to several more books, including being published around the world.

Where’d you get the idea to do a collection of short exclusive essays instead of just one profile and a full-length story?

STEPH: I believe this was more powerful in getting each women to open up.

SAM: We decided very early on that there were common traits that seem to be shared by successful women, and we felt that if we could tell as many of their stories as possible, we would inspire aspiring entrepreneurial women to follow their dreams and not give up no matter how many set backs they faced.

How did you go about handpicking the 40 women you selected to feature?

STEPH: It was a thorough process to make sure that all the women have the qualities we thought were “Game Changing”. We admire women who have worked for not only their own businesses, but have helped others and give back to their community or supported charities and have pushed through even when things have got tough.

SAM: I definitely tried to think of the type of women I looked to for inspiration in my own career. My husband and I are big fans of the television show Suits, so I knew I had to include Meghan Markle in the book, and when I found out she was a United Nations Women’s Ambassador as well as the creator of her own business The Tig, I knew she fit the bill. Of course, with the news of her dating Prince Harry, that made things even more exciting!

How long was this book in the process for?

STEPH: It was about 6-7 months all up

SAM: Steph had just had a baby, I was pregnant and working full time as the court reporter and then reading the Early News for Channel Seven, so we really worked around the clock and pushed as hard as we could till we literally couldn’t push anymore!

Any writing rituals? and what was the process like?

STEPH: Stressful toward the end, but possibly one of the most enjoyable projects, I mean how many people get to work with their best friend?

SAM: Early mornings (I started work at 3am so work on the book was at 2am!) and late nights. Sleep definitely took a back seat for a few months!

What did you edit out of this book?

STEPH: Nothing, we kept everything raw and real about each one, there is a lot of inspiration in some of the stories.

Did you have any specific goals in mind for this book when creating it? – To get it published, or just finish, inspire etc?

STEPH: When news hit of Megan Markle dating Prince Harry, that gave us the incentive to publish as quickly as possible as we had no idea. You could say we just got lucky. When we were contacted by the producers of Good Morning America, it was a pinch me moment.

SAM: I was actually watching Good Morning America at 3am one morning, preparing for the early news and catching up on American politics as I do every morning, when I saw the book pop up on the screen. I was so excited I think I woke up the whole neighbourhood! It was definitely an incredible moment. Another goal was to raise awareness and funds for the Pink Hope Foundation – so we are trying to sell as many books as possible so we can contribute to their incredible cause of helping with awareness and prevention of breast and ovarian cancer.

Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad and good ones?

STEPH: I guess its all part and parcel though, you are occasionally going to get some bad, but you just have to “harden UP!”. Luckily so far, we have had no bad ones.

SAM: Women have really been drawn to this book because it’s not about us – it’s about women for women, by women – all sharing their real and raw stories – many that would surprise you!

With the success you have received already, is there any pans for book number 2?

STEPH AND SAM: Yes we are in the process of a new edition….stay tuned!!

Sam Brett

Steph Adams

You can pick up a copy of “The Game Changers” HERE