The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

OK, so it’s time to talk about the good, the bad and the down right ugly side of pregnancy!  Despite the fact being able to even fall pregnant and grow a little human is for me and many other women out there a complete miracle and a blessing, over the last 9 months I’ve certainly had my share of ups and downs. On that note I just want to quickly say how much you all touched me with your response to my “ Pregnancy Journey” piece. Opening up about your own struggles and emotional rolla-coasters was truly heart warming and just shows how many of us deal with it alone, but I’m so glad we were able to all came together to open up. SO…Thank you!

With that said, this piece is a light fluffy piece about things I have personally endured during these past months. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way in order to have my little man grow into a healthy little human and make it to my arms. So the good always overrides the bad!  BUT I promised to be honest and share my experiences and I also wanted to share products, places, specialists that helped me throughout my pregnancy as I wish there was something out there that I could have read to and reverted too during these times.

Now expectant mothers are famous for that “glow,” but as your pregnancy progresses you’ll probably start noticing more than just a rosy complexion. Yup I’m talking increased blood flow and surging hormones, which are responsible for a bevy of beauty / body changes both good and bad to your pregnant bod. There are the obvious symptoms such as morning sickness, which I suffered horrifically from in the first trimester and the funny side such as of using your bump as a shelf for your ice-cream or sudden outbursts of laughter causing non lady like behaviour!! But here are some that I either thought were myths, or had a bad case of…..


You get VIP treatment – I’m not talking about red carpets being thrown at your feet, but people are certainly aware of the bump. Crossing roads, cars abruptly stop. People step out of your way when in busy malls. Seats are offered up. Strangers smile at your constantly. Oh and say goodbye to toilet queues as you are normally offered first place when the bump is noticed!

Good hair (and nail) days – I’ve always had thick hair, but I seriously whip it around like I’m in a constant hair commercial at the moment. It’s so healthy and almost tripled in thickness! Nails are long strong with limited breaks.

Your breasts get bigger – This may not be a good perk for some women, but considering I was almost inverted prior to pregnancy having a slight bust has been a highlight.

Your complexion may improve – Again every pregnancy is different, I suffered different skin reactions with each pregnancy in this first months. One pregnancy I looked like I had just hit puberty! This time round my skin has been incredible, clean and glowing however it has been very dehydrated so I’ve been using Clinelle Hydra Calm. A great brand with no hidden nasties, just simple and natural.

Indulging – With constant cravings or feelings of ravenous hunger, you don’t think as much as you would do normally ” indulging in moderation”. You just eat. The mood swings that follow if you don’t get what your body wants are comedic for you, but your poor partner does bare the brunt. Insert fights over chocolate, or belts of crying due to vegemite jar being empty.

kicks – One of the most incredible sensations ever! Feeling your little one kick, wriggle and hiccup is truly heart warming. Sure there are times when a foot will make it up under your rib and cause serious discomfort, but that’s your little ones foot inside you belly, you just put up with it.

Pampering – It’s the one time you truly have the excuse to pamper yourself, so go for it! With aching legs, shoulders and back nothing can relax you more then a cheeky pregnancy massage. My favourites The Darling Spa and Yummy Mummy Day Spa.



Needles – I was unaware of how many needles I actually had to have during pregnancy. Lyda and I are on first name basis at my local blood pathology. I’ve had a few complications during this pregnancy from low iron, low plaitlets to having to have anti D shots due to blood type on top of your normal glucose test, flu vac, hooping vac etc. I’m still on weekly visits to my blood pathology, even being 3 weeks out!

No Energy –  Your body is like a factory working hard to create a new life, and that’s an exhausting endeavour. So put your feet up, turn on netflix, and enjoy a midday siesta. You deserve it. My personal tip here is a lolly jar!!! (Any excuse really).

Sciatica Pain – This has only effected me in the past 3 weeks, but It’s caused by the compression of the sciatic nerve, a nerve that runs from the lower back (you guessed it!) down the back of each leg. Sciatica is most common in the second and third trimesters when your growing baby puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. I personally found an incredible Physio that really helped relieve pain. Referred to by my OB Rahul Sen ( serious legend ), “Women in Focus” Bondi Junction have been my saviours to stop that excruciating pain when I walk, the pain even some days leaving me feeling paralysed in bed. I now do 1 x weekly sessions and feel great! I have also found the belly bandit to be so helpful and support the belly and back.

Sleeping – I’ve always been a huge sleeper and a tummy sleeper at that! Now it’s limited to left or right side and the effort it takes to move over to each side is like watch a seal in the sand! I was one to always frown upon the maternity pillow, but since my husband came home with “Sven” (that’s my pillows name) my side sleeping has been bearable. However Sven doesn’t help with the new time (3am) I seem to be wide awake.

leaking boobs – We are all aware this happens, however I didn’t know it happened so early during pregnancy! This caught me off guard early in my third trimester when I started leaking when out to lunch.

Stretch Marks / Enlarged veins – You’d be hard-pressed to find a mama-to-be who isn’t concerned about stretch marks. I from day one covered my stomach, lower back and boobs in bio oil! Even though I have delevoped a few small broken capillers around my boobs, I’m yet to see a stretch mark (touch wood).

Dehydration –  Very common in preganancy. But if your like me and sometimes just get slightly bored of water, I found a great pregnancy hydration drink Aquamamma, developed by an OB filled with all the vitamins and folic acid we need.

Constipation  –  I always get the giggles when I see other pregnant women posting with prunes and kiwifruit in their morning cereal bowls. We all been there. Ramped-up pregnancy hormones slow your digestive tract to a crawl (this allows more nutrients to be absorbed and passed on to your baby), which can throw off your digestion as early as eight weeks. Plus, over time, your growing baby also starts crowding your bowels, making it harder to process even tiny meals.

And the Ugly

Nose bleeds – I suffered these in my second trimester which is very common due to doubling blood levels and hormones. I’ve always suffered from intense nose bleeds and have in the past had my nose cortised multiple times, however they were extremely bad during pregnancy and of coarse came at a risk due to the amount of blood I was loosing. I found a great nose, ear and throat doctor, Dr Phil Yeung in Ultimo.

Lack of Iron – It’s common for pregnant women’s iron levels to deplete, but sometimes to a level that can be damaging which then results in a few iron infusions. With already low energy levels this can be horrible. But an iron infusion is so easy and is done at your local GP. My GP,  Dr Annie Marshall in Rozelle, Love her.

Burping and Lady puffs – As the baby grows, space becomes tight in your belly. Your bowels become crowded and your digestion may become more erratic, leaving you gassy and bloated I would like to think I have been bought up as a lady, but during pregnancy things happen unexpectedly and surprise even you.

16 weeks pregnant vs 36 weeks pregnant

Body Hair – Thicker hair on your head is amazing, but it’s not so fabulous when it sprouts on your body. The same hormones responsible for your lush locks are also responsible for hair growth on unwanted areas!

Waddling – I was adamant that I was not going to be a waddler! But sadly this is sometimes something you can’t prevent. I think its a mix for me of large stomach, sciatic pain and sway back that cause me to walk now the pace of a snail with that famous duck waddle thrown in for good measure.

 Weeing – Always one to laugh at friends stories of embarrassing unexpected wee stories! Well, that is until it happens to you. Let’s just say coughing, sneezing or uncontrollable laughing can end badly these days.

Hernia’s – Yup! something I had no idea could happen… or would happen to me! But yes, I’ve developed a hernia thanks to the pressure my little man is placing on my body and having a reversed uterus.

Love these illustrations by @kosogkaos I found whilst doing my daily internet research on all things pregnancy. They  made me laugh out loud with how true they are.

I’m sure so many of you are reading this laughing at how many of these scenario’s you can relate too.

 We as females are capable of such amazing things pre and post pregnancy. Our bodies know exactly what to do. Even when it came to the misscarriages, my body knew something wasn’t right! I have so much love for my body and know it’s doing it’s best, even with all the issues I’ve had to endure over the last 9 months! Three weeks to go.