What’s In My Hospital Bag?

As my due date fast approaches the question constantly circling my mind is;  have I packed the right things in my hospital bag?
I’ve read so many blogs, forums on this subject and all have different opinions. However I do think the season and hospital choice all have a big play in this. My first concern was timing, I wanted to be organised and pack my bag early, as the arrival of your little one is obviously unexpected and most of the time can catch you off guard. At around 35 weeks I pre packed my bag with my essentials and have probably unpacked and packed it over 6 times since then! I’m the first to admit I’m an over packer. I’m always over the baggage allowance when we travel and for weekend getaways I take a large suitcase filled with those ridiculous “just incase” outfits. Needless to say a weekender bag was never going to work for me! So before I started kidding myself I rolled out the big suitcase. In this suitcase I’m also packing for baby and hubby! Insert instant panic!
We had our incredible midwife Jess, come and do a private antenatel class at our home a few weeks back. We were able to ask her for advice on the baby’s room, what we still needed etc but I also got her to have a look into my “Hospital Bag”. She actually pulled half my bag out, as most products / things I packed are actually available at the hospital. which I didn’t realise.  She informed me that all I need for the baby was pretty much his going home outfit! So with that said this is what Ive packed…. I understand everyones different and this is me being very selective as when I’m in hospital, what I packed will be the last thing on my mind!
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– Car seat / Capsule. We actually chose to hire a car capsule for 3 months. I used a service called Capsule King! They come to you, install, teach you about the capsule and send authorised details to RTA so you are registered to being fitted by a professional. At the end of your hire period, they come and collect capsule in whatever state it’s in. Yup no need to clean.  They also will fit your personal carseat at a small extra cost.

– 1- 2 swaddles. I’ve been told the hospital supplies a few of these during your stay, but I want to have a few of my own. I’ve also packed a baby knitted blanket for car ride home.

– 2- 3 outfits with socks and hats. I’m taking 2x newborn sizes and 1x 0-3 month.

– 1 x Sleep swaddle sack.


1-2 sets of PJs with buttons down front.

slippers or socks with grips for walking around the hospital room.

Nursing bra’s

Breast pads

 Cotton underwear

A pack of regular underwear

2 x pairs track pants, leggings.

2 x Baggy boyfriend T-shirts

Cardigan and Jumper

Phone and laptop charger

Extension cord- some people advised us to bring one since outlets aren’t always in the most convenient places

Makeup and travel-sized toiletries (include cleansing facial wipes, lip balm, shampoo and conditioner)

Going home outfit-Leggings, denim shirt and winter coat.